Adorado Menade

Adorado Menade

VdT Castilla y Léon, Bio

94/100 Punkte Guia Penin 2020

93/100 Punkte Robert Parker August 2018
The exceptional NV Adorado is a product of the past, as it's a wine that is said not to have been touched since 1967. It's a blend of the three classical grapes from Rueda#Verdejo, Palomino and Viura. There is more volatility, more intensity and pungency here, but also more finesse and depth and even more elegance. It matured in a solera system for a very long time, and initially, it must have been aged under flor yeasts. It's 16% alcohol but was originally fortified to 17%, and it's very dry and tasty. There are some 2,000 bottles of this, apparently only magnums. Wines like this are almost eternal.

93/100 Punkte James Suckling July 2019
A solera that delivers such complex and richly nutty, leathery aromas leading to a dry, minerally palate that has a very rich, layered and crisp, salty build to the finish. Drink now.


Guia Penin 94/100 , Parker 93/100 , James Suckling 93/100



Land / Region

Spanien, Castilla y León


Verstärkte Weine




Jetzt bis 2030


8-10 Grad



Passt zu

Geflügel, Tapas, Terrinen

Verfügbare Grössen

  • 75 cl
Ein neuer Wein und eine Hommage an die Tradition von Menade.
Sherry-ähnliches Bouquet, getrocknete Früchte, Panetone, Dörrpflaumen, Nuss, Caramel, Orangenzesten, Butterscotch. Am Gaumen kompakt, präzis, tolle Balance, schmelzige Konturen und überaus lang anhaltend. Eine Delikatesse.
47.00 CHF
62.67 CHF / l.


  • Art.Nr.: 113643

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