Gloria Reynolds

Gloria Reynolds 2004

Cathedral IG Alentejano
Reynolds Wine Growers

94/100 Punkte Robert Parker October 2016
The 2004 Tinto Gloria Reynolds -Cathedral is an equal blend of Trincadeira and Alicante Bouschet, aged in new French oak for 24 months. This is simply the old Gloria Reynolds Tinto with a new name, Cathedral only indicating a re-release program. Julian Cuellar Reynolds said: Gloria Cathedral 2004 is an old harvest, the lot of every Gloria that I keep in the cellar for a second release after 12 years. I was not sold on this originally, but it is very impressive now that it is mature-and that maturity is the key to success here. The tannins have moderated, the oak has been pulled in and, most importantly, there is a glorious medley of complex flavors typical of many maturing wines, some earth, forest floor, dried cassis and so on. The texture is gorgeous, too, silky and sensual. If the fruit seems fully mature, the structure still gives it energy. The tannins are controlled, but there is still grip and tension on the finish. Perhaps it was th


Parker 94/100


Reynolds Wine Growers

Land / Region

Portugal, Alentejo




Alicante Bouschet, Trincadeira


24 Monate in neuen französischen Barriques und danach für 10 Jahre in der Flasche gereift.


Jetzt bis 2026


16-18 Grad



Passt zu

Kalb, Rind, Schwein, Wild

Verfügbare Grössen

  • 75 cl
Eine Gaumenerlebnis für all jene, die gereifte Weine mögen. Kurz vor Genuss dekantieren. Nur sehr limitiert verfügbar.
148.00 CHF
197.33 CHF / l.


  • Art.Nr.: 112599

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