Merlot Terraferma

Merlot Terraferma 2014

Ticino DOC
Christian Zündel, Beride

90/100 Punkte Robert Parker, 29th Sep 2017
Christian Zündel's 2014 Terraferma is an alpine Merlot: coolish, fresh, lean, delicate and elegant, with a stunning persistency but no Mediterranean or maritime touch. The bright colored Terraferma is from a southwest-facing single vineyard on fertile moraine rubble soils at 500 meters altitude that, according to Zündel, gives fine, elegant and aromatic but not very chiseled or edgy wines. 2014 was a tricky, early blooming but late ripening vintage with a lot of rain and the suzukii fly, which led to a quick harvest. "The berries were hard, but the tannins were ripe," Zündel said. He calls 2014 a minor vintage that he likes a lot because of the ripe tannins. The grape material led him to a very long maceration of 100% whole clusters for up to eight weeks with just a very gentle extraction. "I like tannins, but they should lengthen the wine to a persistent finish like in a Nebbiolo. I don't like tannins that stick on my palate," Zündel sai


Parker 90/100


Zündel Christian

Land / Region

Schweiz, Tessin






In Barriques ausgebaut.


Jetzt bis 2023


16-18 Grad

Verfügbare Jahrgänge

Verfügbare Grössen

  • 75 cl
Wunderbar faszinierend duftendes Bouquet, Edelhölzer, Gewürznelken, Cassis und Black Currant. Am Gaumen vielschichtig, raffiniert, straff und pointiert. Ein wahrhaft grosser Merlot.
37.00 CHF
49.33 CHF / l.


  • Art.Nr.: 110020

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