Nossa Calcário Branco

Nossa Calcário Branco 2015

Bairrada DOC
Filipa Pato

93/100 Punkte Robert Parker July 2016
The 2015 Branco Nossa Calcário is a single-vineyard Bical that looks impressive. It was aged for five months in partly (20%) new French oak and comes in at just 12% alcohol. When I first saw this in Portugal, it seemed nice but mute, not quite as impressive as I hoped it would be in this fine Branco vintage. Retasting it at home a couple of months later showed it blossoming. Now, it was suddenly intense and powerful, not to mention very concentrated for this grape. It simply fills the mouth and takes control of the palate. Laced with stones, steel and a bit of flint, this has a very earthy flavor profile. If you're looking for fruity, this probably won't be it. I was, in fact, a little concerned early on that the flinty notes were a bit too much, but it kept improving while open. With more time in the bottle, it should come into even better balance. It is worth betting on this Branco--complex, rather intense and concentrated. It may yet be ent


Parker 93/100


Pato Filipa

Land / Region

Portugal, Bairrada






5 Monate im Holzfass gereift.


Jetzt bis 2024


8-10 Grad



Verfügbare Jahrgänge

Verfügbare Grössen

  • 75 cl
Die Trauben stammen aus einer alten Einzellage. Raffiniertes, vielschichtiges Bouquet, Mandeln, Pfirsich, Lindenblüten, gelbe Blütenaromen, Feuerstein. Am Gaumen engmaschig, feine, saftige Struktur, sehr facettenreich und mit einem bezaubernden mineralisch-salzigen Finish. Ein grossartiger, lagerfähiger Weisswein mit lediglich 12% Alkohol.
39.50 CHF
52.67 CHF / l.


  • Art.Nr.: 109873

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