Riesling Revoluzzer trocken

Riesling Revoluzzer trocken 2015

Bibo Runge, Rheingau

92/100 Punkte Robert Parker Dec 2017
Entirely from old vines in the Hallgartener Jungfer and macerated for 30 to 36 hours prior to the fermentation and aging in 600-liter Halbstück vats, the 2015 Rheingau Riesling Trocken "Revoluzzer" opens with an intense, fresh and concentrated bouquet of ripe, tropical fruits intermixed with smoky/mineral and discreet oaky flavors. Despite its ripeness and richness, the "Revoluzzer" (revolutionist) is quite pure and elegant on the complex nose. On the palate, this is a full-bodied, rich and elegant but also fresh and tensioned Riesling with oaky and herbal flavors. It is tightly structured but well balanced and salty-vital in the finish, which reveals a juicy Riesling with chalky/mealy tannins and lingering salinity. It's a bit of a Burgundian Rheingau Riesling, if you so will. This has 13.5% alcohol. The acidity (no malic) is significantly lower than in the other Rieslings but ripe and vital. Bottled in September 2016 (screwcap), tasted in Nov


Parker 92/100


Bibo und Runge Wein

Land / Region

Deutschland, Rheingau






Spontan vergoren und auf der Hefe im Holzfass gereift.


8-10 Grad

Passt zu

Apéritif, asiatische Speisen, Salat, Sushi

Verfügbare Grössen

  • 75 cl
Wird nur in Kleinstmengen abgefüllt.


29.80 CHF

42.00 CHF

39.73 CHF / l.


  • Art.Nr.: 110757

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