Victorino Toro DO

Victorino Toro DO 2017

Teso la Monja

93+/100 Punkte Robert Parker Dec 2019
I also tasted the 2017 Victorino, from a year that was very different from the warm and dry 2017, as 2016 was cold and wet and saw a very late and slow picking because of the slow and late ripening of the fruit. Fermentation and élevage were the same (20 months in 100% new oak), so the differences are due to the vintage conditions. I was very surprised by this 2017 (as with the rest of the 2017s from this address), as I found a fresh and balanced wine, perhaps a little lighter, with round and fine tannins. There are still oak-related aromas and flavors, but there is less toast (they use a different toast for the barrels), and the wine should integrate it with a little more time in bottle. But it should be approachable while you wait for the 2016.


Parker 93+/100


Teso la Monja

Land / Region

Spanien, Castilla y León






Rund 18 Monate in französischen Barriques gereift.


Jetzt bis 2029


16-18 Grad



Passt zu

Lamm, Rind, Schwein, Steak

Verfügbare Grössen

  • 75 cl
Wunderbar duftendes Bouquet, schwarze Kirschen, dunkle Waldbeeren, Kaffee, delikate Röstaromen. Am Gaumen kraftvoll und doch elegant, saftig, komplex, energiegeladen und mit reifen, feinkernigen Tanninen. Ein fantastischer Toro!
54.00 CHF
72.00 CHF / l.


  • Art.Nr.: 113002

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